11 Weeks @ the FIFA World Cup – “Not a football in sight”

_MG_4827 Flying plate _MG_4864 _MG_4623 _MG_4648 _MG_4786 _MG_4645 Untitled_Panorama1 _MG_4697 _MG_4770 _MG_4759 _MG_4613 _MG_4702 _MG_4781 _MG_4875 _MG_4720 _MG_4771 _MG_4883 _MG_4884 _MG_4708 IMG_4979 _MG_4655 P1010797 _MG_4828 _MG_4627 _MG_4821 IMG_3814 _MG_4824 IMG_3435 P1010840 _MG_4859 P1010819 IMG_3817 _MG_4823 IMG_3682 IMG_3980 IMG_3829 IMG_3815 IMG_3485 IMG_3952 IMG_3911 IMG_5047 IMG_3430 10406769_10152585434339595_9105127973875615812_n 10391031_10152585434694595_3228094644360574696_n 10505565_10152585435569595_8147026450208245072_n 10457170_10152585435339595_1488580864045991195_n 10494833_10152585434729595_2824790717783602812_n photocopier 10457589_10152585434994595_3222681182449774398_n 10349200_10152585434159595_3023266838955388514_n wmplayer 2014-07-02 10-57-15-36

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