The Juggler at the Lights – Germany vs Brazil.



International Airport, Rio de Janeiro. 2nd Half, Germany vs Brazil.

When we drove through Rio to the airport, the streets were dead. Completely empty. Not like in England when there was considerably less traffic during each of our 3 matches. Here the whole nation stopped. Even the disabled street sellers that hang on every intersection were gone. All save one solitary boy juggling at the lights.

Firecrackers sounded in the favelas at kick off. Minutes afterwards the atmosphere would have switched extremely quickly.

Now, at the airport bar, most watchers have already left & for those still here, life seems to have moved away from the football already. iPhones are out. Blank faces don’t know where to stare. We all knew the FIFA parade would leave multiple scars. Environmental, financial…. I don’t need to say how. We are all guilty by association. 188 million people, our hosts, now get scarred and humiliated at the “fun”/game level too. Simply unfair. Next time we move our equal rights, anti prejudice parade to 2 countries with anti gay laws. Hmmm.

An elderly Brazilian man just asked me if Brazil really scored a goal in the last few minutes. I said yes. He smirked as if I had told him a bad joke.

Great game football.

I hope the juggler made the most of his opportunity.


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