Magnetic Mountains

Here is the promo for the film I am currently working on. Born out of the questions I started to ask myself post my climbing accident 18 months ago, Magnetic Mountains is an independent documentary that uses my story to search for answers to some important questions that affect the lives of many of us.

In October 2014, I fell 70 metres whilst climbing a mountain known as Les Petites Jorasses, in the French Alps. It was a fall that required me to be airlifted out of the mountains suffering from a number of serious injuries, and resulted in being temporarily left in a wheelchair – i’m lucky to be alive.

Whilst in the confines of this wheelchair, and at the start of a long journey of rehabilitation, I began to ask myself some serious questions:
“Regardless of injury or trauma, why are we drawn to the mountains in the first place?
Is risk an essential part of what we do?
Our experiences form us, so do we perceive risk differently after an accident?
Perhaps most importantly, why is it that I am planning to climb the same route from which I fell?”

And so the film was born…

This winter we return to the same climb where I originally suffered his near fatal fall, together with my climbing partners from that day. We will document our attempt to overcome this personally defining climb, both physically and psychologically.

Along the way, Magnetic Mountains features provocative and honest interviews from a wide range of characters – from household alpine names, heroic professionals of PGHM Mountain Rescue, surgeons, psychologists, business CEO’s, military units to leading figures from other high risk sports.

While it will explore the psychology of risk taking and tell the story of the people for whom risk is a part of their everyday life; it is also a story of the people that inspire us – both on and off the mountain, the story of an everyman – finding a balance.

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